Friday, October 8, 2010

Jon + Holly = Engaged!

The day of Jon and Holly's Engagement shoot was for sure a hot one! They toughed it out though and I could tell that they truly enjoyed themselves even in the midst of the heat. They are both originally from Minnesota so this is definitely a change but they explained that it's totally for the better. In MN you can't really go out in the freezing temps where here you can face the heat, which is what we did! I think their pictures turned out beautifully and I am looking forward to photographing them again on their wedding day in February! It will be a lot cooler then:) We started off on Mill Ave, gotta love that downtown look!

Holly's ring is just lovely!

We took a nice walk down the train tracks. There were a lot of "kiss breaks":)

This one might just be my favorite!

At the very end of our shoot the two wanted to get some fun pictures showing off their Minnesota pride of the Twins!! I love it when couples want to do this kind of thing!

These last four pictures are incredibly hilarious! Thank you both for being "you" during our time together, sure got some great shots!

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  1. Thank you so much Rilie!! We had a blast and the pictures turned out so wonderful!! We look forward to our big day :)

    Jon and Holly