Sunday, October 31, 2010

Florida Trip

It's hard to describe the feelings and emotions that come with the passing down of a tradition onto your own children, especially when it has to do with the most magical place on earth:) My family, along with my husband's side of the family, just got back from Disney World and it was a fabulous vacation filled with lots of squeals of excitement from one little princess! I think I had more fun watching my daughter enjoy this experience and I am already thrilled to take her again once she is a bit older. Enjoy a few (adorable) photos (chosen from manny many more:).

On Thursday we made a trip over to Harry Potter World and I think if any of you out there are fans this is a must see/experience, it was awesome! We even picked the perfect cloudy day which gave the place a real feel for it's winter cenery (I even purchased a scarf:) And the butterbeer, oh the butterbeeer was a delight!!

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