Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cory and Julie are expecting!

A new little life will be joining these two in just a few short weeks and this will make them a family of five! That's right, Cory and Julie already have two sweet boys and baby makes them soon to be outnumbered:) I know they will be just fine because you can tell that they are incredible parents with their patience and just the way that they deal with their kids in general. I can't wait to meet there new little baby because they sure make some cute kids as you will see:)

Big brother Noah was just so sweet to little brother Caleb!

This next set of shots are hilarious!

As I was giving mom and dad some instructions Noah thought they were directed towards him...

Once he realized that this action was making us all laugh he kept it up and soon Caleb joined in!!!


Gotta get those goofs out:)

So Cory and Julie decided not to find out the gender of their third baby, props to them! Sure makes things exciting and ether way their family is going to be that much more adorable!

Julie looks so beautiful! She looked amazing during all three of her pregnancies.

Looking forward to the day this little sweetie joins your family! He or she will make a lovely addition for sure!

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