Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jon and Ashleigh - The Wedding

OK, so I just have to say up front that I might have gone a little overboard with this blog post... but I don't care! There are a lot of pictures in this one for two different reasons, the first one being that I know the majority of the people who were involved in this wedding AND I think we got some great shots so of course I am going to share them:) Jon and Ashleigh are such a laid back and enjoyable couple in general and they really made shooting this wedding just that! It was a beautiful sunny day filled with lots of love, emotions, and great friends to share it all with!

For the girls the day began early in the morning at the salon. Ashleigh definitely had an entourage while getting her hair done! All the ladies squished into their little wedding corner and they absolutely enjoyed themselves! It was really fun to watch:)

Ashleigh's sister-in-law is expecting and at one point everyone wanted to feel the little guy kick! I LOVE the second shot of them all trying to feel at once.

This headpiece made me very happy:) Totally fits this bride, unique AND gorgeous!

After leaving the salon the girls needed to take a quick detour to find a dress for Ashleigh to leave the reception in. Thought I would tag along and grab a few fun shots.

Next the clan headed back to their hotel for some relaxation and mimosas:) A second after this shot was taken the cork went flying at top speeds! It was hilarious!!

Love the ring box and the rings.

Ashleigh's mom helped do her makeup.

Beautiful ladies!

The time soon came for everyone to head over to The Farm. Things became that much more real for Ashleigh the moment she put on her dress!

I was so in love with her bouquet! I find myself getting all giddy when I see the flowers at every wedding...:) I get so excited to photograph such beautiful pieces of art!

Jon arrived and was so ready to see his girl! I really like this portrait of him:)

I truly think it is a great decision when couples see each other before the ceremony. I mean, really, every girl deserves a moment like this!

Then we were off to shoot some portraits! There was so much to work with here, it was lovely and I have too many favorites to name so I will just let you view them with few words:)

Jake captured this shot, made me so proud!

In all honesty, The Farm at South Mountain did not need a whole lot added to it in order to make it look good for a wedding but what was included was just perfect for the setting! All the details were great.

Just before the ceremony began I captured this shot of the little ring bearer and thought I should share his cuteness:)

That is one proud father of the bride! I noticed that he was looking at his wife and Ashleigh was looking at Jon, love it!


The couple washed each other's feet during the ceremony, it was an awesome moment.

Congrats you two! It was a beautiful day, every single bit of it!


  1. what amazing photos!:) I went to high-school with ashleigh and brittany and all those girls! did you go to red mountain? anyway..beautiful artwork! just curious..what camera and lens to you use?

    I would like to get more info on how much you charge and stuff!

  2. These pictures are awesome, and loved the washing of the feet- thats something I thought would be so neat to do!!!! Cool to see it in photo's! Congrats Ashley!

  3. Sister in law of the brideOctober 19, 2010 at 12:07 PM

    Just beautiful!! I want a picture of my little ring bearer!! :)

  4. I thought these people looked a bit familiar! Ashleigh's older brother Brian and my brother Ryan, used to be best friends when we lived in AZ.
    You sure do great work Riley! When a person gets teary eyes looking at someones wedding photos they don't even know, I think that's a sign of a great photographer!!
    Your cousin Megan