Saturday, May 22, 2010

Brian and Katie - Wedding Day

The Krauss wedding was a unique mixture of two personalities blended into one. From the barefoot bride and groom to the lion and ladybug cupcakes, these two did a good job of straying from the traditional and letting who they are show on their big day. Along with these new concepts Katie incorporated something old and very special that has been apart of family weddings past. Her wedding dress was originally her grandmother's and her mother also wore it on her wedding day. I was amazed that they had kept it in such good condition! I could sense how important this was to the family members as it brought so much history and memories along with it.

The day began at Salon Azul where the excitement and emotions where running high and strong!

To the right of Katie's mirror sat this statue on a shelf; it seemed quite appropriate considering the moment.

Katie didn't need a whole lot of makeup, she is definitely a natural beauty!

And here it is! They only had to alter a few things here and there and they decided to keep the sleeves off after seeing it without them. Good move considering this was a May wedding in Arizona:) The pictures after are her grandmother and mother on their wedding days in this same dress.

Katie looked perfect!

Brian's reaction to seeing his bride for the first time was absolutely priceless.

I love the emotion captured in these next few shots taken right after the ceremony.

And NOW it is official!

After the dancing was done and the cake was enjoyed I whisked the newlyweds off to take their portraits and they turned out beautifully! The accent of the purple flowers was perfect for the occasion!

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