Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Coberly family

Ben, Ashley, Charlotte, and the newest addition, Collin, are the bunch that make up the Coberly family. To sum up their story in one sentence I would say that mom and dad are a happy, easy going couple when along came one very lively/spunky little girl followed by a baby boy who is giving them some relief in the fact that at 3 months he is already sleeping through the night! What do you guys think--have I got it right?:) Well, that is just the beginning! These four are sweet and it was and always is fun to see a family interact and have fun while getting their pictures taken at the same time! The focus was towards the kiddos at the beginning of this session so please enjoy these adorable faces.

Nothing better in my book than a little girl with a bow!

Charlotte enjoyed being the center of attention:) The girl put on quite a show!

I love these two shots...

Towards the end of our time little Collin was tuckered out but not Charlotte! She was off to explore this new world covered in treasures and I think the shots that came out of letting her do her own thing are fantastic!

She was quite proud of her finds:)

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