Sunday, May 2, 2010

Visit and finds

My sister Morrie is visiting with us for the next few weeks and she has been such a fantastic help with Ivy; I could not be happier at the moment:) It is wonderful for Ivy to have an auntie that truly loves to take care of her and does not mind doing the dirty stuff (aka change diapers:) She has already watched Ivy a few times while I have been off on photo assignments and I feel so comfortable knowing that my not so little sis is taking care of my daughter. Ivy is having lots of fun with all this extra attention!

While Morrie is with us I decided it would be fun to take her to a few places she hasn't visited here in AZ. One hot spot in particular that I knew she had to experience was Le Grande Orange. I just LOVE the things they sell in their shop section right along with their wonderful menu. After some delicious pizza followed by some tasty gelato we did some shopping and Morrie found this beauty...

Morrie was kind enough to be my hand model to show off our new finds:) I was so excited to come across this great journal. Being around kids most my life I have heard some pretty crazy-cute quotes come out of their mouths and unfortunately they don't always stick so I thought this would be a great tool when the times come for Ivy to begin talking away. Once that begins to happen expect to see more posts about My Quotable Kid!

Just couldn't leave without this sweet purchase for my darling bouncy ball loving girly!

On a side note... When I was a little girl, getting to sport a cartoon covered band-ade was the greatest thing ever! So of course I had to prepare for when the times comes for my girl...:)

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