Friday, May 28, 2010

Swim Class

My daughter loves to swim. I actually think that is an understatement...what is a stronger word than love? Well, you get the point. Ivy is a 100% water baby. The cool thing about it is someone be-stilled that in her. My good friend and neighbor Bette had me get my daughter in the pool at a very young age, and it is because of her awesome instruction on all things water and kid related that gave Ivy this love and desire to swim! She has recently been asked to go overseas to a swim convention to teach on her methods so she asked me to take some shots of her pool area, swim items that she uses and are unique to her style, and also some of the specific things she teaches the babies and kids. She has so much knowledge and such a great way of getting the point across to the young ones that it truly just blows me away! Not to mention she has a beautiful set up and is also a master gardener!

She adds many fun little things around the pool that the kids just love and what's great is that they are also used as teaching tools.

This concept is fantastic; Bette uses this sign above her back door for the kids that cannot read when she needs them to do something they do not necessarily want to do at the moment. She says, "The sign says...", and it totally works! She is brilliant.

Whenever we head on over to the pool to take a dip my daughter is all smiles!

She has a little play area for the youngsters to use while they are waiting for their lesson to begin. Ivy loves this part almost as much as being in the water!

It's definitely the place to socialize:)

Can you tell she is having fun?:)

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