Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ivy's 1 Year Old Shoot

I said that I would post the longer version of Ivy's 1 year photo shoot and here it is! I feel that there is a time for a mother to dote on her daughter and 1st birthdays are definitely the right occasion for such a thing:) Ivy has been such a sweet and smiley girl her first year of life. I could not have imagined all the joy that would come into my life because of her! Bottom line... she makes our lives a million times a million times better!

It has been surprising to me that I can already see a change in her personality this past week as we have been celebrating her first year. You know when people ask you if you feel different on your birthday now that you are such and such age? Well, if Ivy could talk and someone asked her that I think she would say yes. The girl has attitude:) She seems to be understanding so much more and she knows what she wants and does not want... I must say that it is hard to be stern with such a cute face BUT I know even more that without teaching her what is right from wrong we will have issues down the road! This new stage in her little life just goes to show me how amazing God is in the fact that in one year a child can develop and learn so much; it is incredible! I think this shoot shows off a lot of her new personality traits. Her expressions are priceless!

This is her old lady face, she makes it often and it cracks me up!

She has eyes like her daddy, sometimes they look blue and other times they look more green/grey as you will see.

So proud:)

Outfit switch; this girl is into her shoes.

Her barret was so intriguing!

Ivy's two favorite books are Brown Bear and Baby Happy Baby Sad. Below shows Ivy looking at my favorite page of Baby Happy Baby Sad:)

This is what happens when we finish reading one of these stories to Ivy...:)

Daddy to the rescue! He knows how to cheer his girl up!

A pink wall in downtown Scottsdale can only mean one thing... Sugar Bowl!

My sister, who has been staying with us for the past three weeks, was kind enough to get this shot of our little family before we lost all the day's light.

Here is the progression of Ivy trying ice cream for the first time. At first it seemed a little strange but then... she is hooked!

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