Monday, May 10, 2010

The Hall family

This sweet family of 5 consist of Rick, Anna, Bailey, Dylan, and Hayden. They reside in Anthem and for this shoot I headed over to their part of town where they lead me to some spots they had discovered. It was a very productive morning as we got some great shots! It was very fortunate considering the fact that the sun has changed its schedule and brightens the world around us a lot earlier these soon to be summer days... And what was it that saved the day you ask? The biggest umbrella I have ever seen in my life! Thankfully the Hall's had left it in their car for the kids sporting events and it came in handy this bright morning. I can not leave out the fact that my wonderful husband suffered through a whole hour of holding the giant up. Now he's got the guns to prove his heroic act:) Enjoy looking!

Like I have said before, little girls + bows are my favorite!

Trying to get Hayden to smile turned into quite the funny time for everyone! I just love these.

And this is what kept the little missy going...:)

She wants to do everything just like her big brother and sister!

On our way back to the Hall's home we decided to stop and take a few last shots.

Once at home the kids were excited to show me what they enjoy to do and play. It was fun to watch them interact in their own element.

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