Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jason + Kelsey = Engaged!

This first picture pretty much sums up the mood of Jason and Kelsey's engagement session! These two are pretty darn cute together:) Many times throughout the shoot did I find myself laughing along with them behind the camera; their happiness is contagious! The two of them have known each other for 9 years and you can tell after being around them for a short time that they have a close and comfortable relationship. They got engaged at Arizona State University so Kelsey thought it would be a perfect spot for their engagement session.

Jason made this face a lot and every time it got Kelsey to crack a big smile or let out a laugh!

You are going to make one beautiful bride Kelsey!

Jason kept trying to push Kelsey into the fountain, thankfully he never went through with it:)

She looks so happy!

What a beauty.

You two were seriously so much fun to photograph which makes me even more excited for your wedding date!

Sure can tell you are very stoked about it yourselves:)

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