Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I is for...

I is also for Ivy indulging in ice cream:) I have begun to teach my daughter all about the letter I, the sounds it makes and what words begin with it so that eventually she will understand that her name begins with I. It just so happens that one of her favorite things begins with her letter! She absolutely LOVES to play with fake food and is constantly carrying around her two little ice cream cones doing her best to pretend to lick/eat them. So the other night we were at my in-laws and Ivy's grandma was feeding her some of her home made ice cream. I asked Ivy, "Where is Ivy?" (something I have been trying to teach her as of late, usually she points to herself and says"I") This time I was completely surprised and overjoyed when she pointed to herself and said pretty clearly, "Ivy"! It's so amazing to watch her learn at such a young age! I know it is normal but when you see it happening before you, you see your child developing right before your eyes, it's just awesome! So that's my story of Ivy and the ice cream:)

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