Saturday, September 18, 2010

Zoee is 1!

Cute little Zoee's 1st birthday was the day of our shoot. Her mom made a comment that it seemed as if Zoee had changed into a toddler overnight and was acting as if she knew she was 1! I felt the same thing when my daughter had her first birthday; these kids know more than we think:) It was a joy to take these birthday pictures, for Zoee is one adorable little girl!

I just love all her different facial expressions!

So Zoee found a pinecone halfway through our session. It became her best friend:)

She pretty much ran around with it while keeping a big smile on her face until she found a great place to put it!

And the pinecone returns! She was thrilled:)

Happy birthday to you, Zoee! No better way to end the shoot than with some lovin from mom!

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