Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ricky's Senior Pictures

This young guy is finishing up his last year of high school, yeah!! An early congrats to you Ricky, you have made it through (well, almost...:). The end is in sight and to celebrate that fact it was time to get some senior pics. We started off the session in formal attire.

Ricky plays football at AJ High school so of course we had to include that in the mix!

Just couldn't keep a straight face:)

So at the very end of our shoot we had noticed that there was a group of girls getting their senior pictures taken as well and they were kind enough to join Ricky for a few shots! They even had the right color on, it was like we planned it! I think it is safe to say that Ricky will never forget his senior picture session:)


  1. Awesome Pix can't wait for the cd!! He had such fun!!! Thank you for taking the time and care to show his true character!

  2. You are so so so awesome!!!! Those girls were awesome too haha. I tried so hard to keep a straight face. But thank you so much, hopefully you will be our family photographer:D!!!!

  3. Glad you like them! Sure was a fun story to tell:)!

  4. haha i bet. just wondering. did u get the one where the two girls were kissing me?? that one was real funny. best part of the story