Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mississippi Bound

The day after our shoot this young family of four headed out on a journey to their new home located in Mississippi. They wanted one last memory of their time in Arizona before they set off and the heat sure gave them a warm farewell (no pun intended:) Things started off a bit rocky, photo shoots can be a tiring thing for little boys, but momma got her little guy to show a smile pretty quickly!

I just couldn't get enough of this sweet face, slobber and all:)

Sweet little toes.

Big brother wasn't too sure about getting his portrait taken even with some momma lovin...

So little brother got to spend some good one on one time with his daddy.

Getting a child under the age of one to hold hands is not an easy job!

Starting to warm up to the camera.

This shot is pretty hilarious:)

That a way big brother!

I think getting little brother to cheer up made big brother in a bit of a better mood.

Love it!

There's a good smile!

All he needed was some momma lovin.

Hope you four made it safely to your new home! Now you will have some new pictures to decorate the walls:)

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  1. These look amazing!! Jamie is one amazing woman.