Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ivy's 18 Month Shoot

Well, I can hardly believe it but my Ivy Jane turned 18 months yesterday. Barely an ounce of baby left in this spunky little miss personality that is my daughter:) Of course I had to celebrate this big "half birthday" with a photo shoot and let me tell you, my child is one of the hardest kids I have ever photographed... I don't know if she is just used to all the tricks I use to get her to glance in my lens or if she is choosing not to look. I kind of am leaning towards the latter which would go so well with the kind of kid she is becoming:) We have more fun though and I truly believe that if she was any different it wouldn't be as wonderful! A few of the things she does that bring a great big smile to my and my husband's faces - Singing her ABC's and counting to 10 in her own Ivy way, calling me Rilie instead of mama every now and then, saying hi to everyone that walks her way in the mall, and of course when she says "love you" when we don't ask for it is the best! She has my heart and each milestone just keeps warming it!

Oh how much fun I am having with a girl:) I don't think it will ever end.

She is fond of cats.

And I will always be fond of her in these.

So like I said, I am pretty darn sure this is proof that she is choosing to not look or in this case hide:)

"Is she gone yet?"

Duck watching is way more fun than getting your picture taken...

I can't complain, I think every picture of my girl is adorable!

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