Monday, November 22, 2010

Meet Baby Lincoln

This little guy surprised his parents with an early delivery (blessing for mom:) and also with the fact that he is a "he" (they didn't know the gender until he was born!). This makes boy number three for the Gransee family and they seemed so happy and content with the new addition, it truly warmed my heart! Lincoln is a sweetie and seeing all the brothers interact was just so cute! I love this first picture of Lincoln being held by his dad, it shows the delicacy of this little newborn yet the safety and warmth he must feel in his dad's arms. Oh, and I also have to mention that Lincoln's dark hair was also a nice surprise! He is the first of the three boys to have it and it seemed to make dad pretty happy:)

What a beautiful little face.

Squished in the middle of two loving brothers:)

Ok, these next two shots are just too funny! I think Noah was showing us all that he understands the fact that he has to support Lincoln's head when he is held:)

Two great things here--Julie looking so happy in her role as mom and the little guy peeking at me with one eye (which he did quite often during the shoot:)

Caleb had a moment where he was just inthralled with his little brother's toes.

Always loved these books as a kid, this made me smile to know they are still making them!

He was definitely fighting sleep, but oh how sweet is that yawn!

You two have done an amazing job with all three of your boys! Such a lovely family indeed!

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