Friday, November 19, 2010

The Leon Family

I took family pictures of the Leon's last year around this time and I had the privilege to photograph them once again. It was great to see how much their sweet little girl Amaya had grown in a year and oh how her personality shines through these days:) She is such a curious and active toddler which gave us some opportunities for some fun action shots!

And then she was off! At least she stood still for a few moments:)

May I say adorable?!

High five from mom for looking in the direction of the camera:)

I was a thumb sucker myself as a child, I find it very cute!

Once she was out of the basket she was outta there!

Alyssa's sister had this cute ornament made for the family.


So Amaya became quite interested in some props that I had sitting on the side and she decided that she was going to grab them and split!

I think she was giving us hints that she was done for the day:)

What an adorable little family. Hope to see you all next year!

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