Monday, November 8, 2010

Meet Baby Ezra (Home and Happy)

If you keep up with this blog then you have already met little Ezra when he was just a few hours old in the hospital. Now he is home and the whole family is doing great! It was wonderful to watch Grace and Jeremy play their parenting roles for the first time as they cuddled and loved on their boy. He was pretty much awake and moving for the entire shoot, he is already such an active little guy! It made me laugh because I remember Grace talking about him kicking her like mad back when she was pregnant:) Enjoy viewing this sweet family of three!

What a face:)

Gotta love those newborn baby wrinkles:)

Grace painted some cute little characters in Ezra's room some months ago. Isn't it so great that you get to enjoy his room while holding him now?!

This bear was Grace's when she was little. Ezra fits just perfectly on his lap!

So funny:)

Here is another one of Grace's adorable paintings.

Doesn't Grace look fantastic for having a baby only a week ago?!

Love these next two of Jeremy with his boy:)

He is perfect for you guys, now I can hardly imagine the two of you without him!


  1. Great creative poses of an awesome threesome! Joan & Burl

  2. Beautiful beautiful baby boy, you all look so perfect together!! He is so handsome! -Leah