Thursday, November 25, 2010

Meet Baby Noel

This gorgeous little sweetie is making my favorite baby face EVER! How precious is she?! Little Noel is child number two to Lee and Melissa (who just so happen to be the pastor/pastor's wife of my church:). She is their first daughter and has made a big brother out of three-year-old Aaron. Seeing him love on his sister was just adorable and it brought back a memory from not so long ago when Aaron would say he wanted a sister even before they knew she was a girl; priceless! Adding Noel to the Stephenson family was just an awesome move on their part and I enjoyed watching them enjoy each other to the fullest! And one quick note before you begin your oos and aws while viewing this cutie... Noel and baby Lincoln from my last post are second cousins and they are only a few days apart, love it!

I think he is pretty proud:)

Nothing sweeter than a daddy with his baby girl!

And then there was pink:)

Melissa and Noel share the same middle name...

Love these next few.

We decided to head out back for a little fresh air and Noel was not digging it at first...

Brother Aaron knew how to calm her down:)

Thought it was funny that I ended up capturing the one eye open- one eye shut shot of Noel just as I did with Lincoln. Aaron must have thought it was pretty funny too:)

I am so happy that Noel has joined your family, it seems so right! Happy for you all!

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