Sunday, November 28, 2010

Matt and Caitlin - 2 Year Anniversary

Doing this photo session with these two just made me happy:) I knew Matt and Caitlin in my younger days, Matt and my older brother were good friends all through high school and Caitlin, my sister, and I used to have sleep overs and make fashion show videos (oh do we laugh at that!) It's so fun now that we are older and these two are married! Who would have thought back then that they would end up being just perfect for each other, and that makes me smile! They just celebrated their second anniversary and decided that a photo shoot was just the ticket. I almost felt as if I was shooting an engagement session by the way these two acted towards each other:) All you married couples out there should really think about doing an anniversary shoot with your significant other, it will rekindle some sparks! You can tell how in love they are with each other and that is just how it should be at the two year mark and beyond!

I had to include this shot to show off Caitlin's awesome ring which Matt designed for her, love it!

Caitlin's younger sister made this for the couple to use on their wedding day.

I would love to take this exact same picture on their 50th wedding anniversary:)

Got a few Christmas shots in the mix.

Seriously, they were adorable.

Love this:)

Thought this was a great shot to end with. Was so good seeing you two!

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