Friday, December 24, 2010

Chad and Sarah are expecting!

This sweet couple (who just so happen to be friends of mine) are expecting a little boy at the beginning of February. I share something in common with these two, a love for Prescott, Arizona! When Sarah asked me to do this shoot she mentioned that she would love to take the pictures in Prescott. Well it just so happens that my family and I go to Prescott every year around Christmas time for a little getaway so we were able to meet up! It was great to be able to give them just what they wanted and it was also nice for me to have a brand new place to take pictures. We began at the courthouse, one of my favorite downtown locations!

It just so happens that I brought this book along to read on the car drive AND it just so happens that Chad and Sarah's little guy share something in common with the author:)

Did any of you guess it??

Sarah, you look amazing!

When we got to our second location I could not stop smiling after Sarah showed me these:)


And I will leave you with this shot (which you will probably be seeing again here soon in my top 10 of 2010:)

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