Saturday, December 11, 2010

Michael and Wendy - The Wedding

Everything about this wedding day was absolutely right. I could not have asked for a sweeter couple who are so in love with each other and so thoughtful of all those around them. It was great to hear Wendy talk about her morning and how she had some alone time with the Lord and was able to just ponder all that is to come as she takes on her role as a wife. Watching her joy throughout the day as people came and went as she was getting ready at her sister's house was just so contagious! The moment that Michael saw his bride for the first time and shouted out, "I am marrying the most beautiful girl in the world!" was incredibly sweet! I knew that everyone close to these two were thrilled on this day, everything was just right.

I loved this cylindrical box that Wendy had to keep all of her important items pertaining to this big day.

As Wendy got her hair and makeup done, surrounded by many loved ones, I headed outside to get a few item shots...

Still have not gotten over these beauties!

Wendy looked incredible and she was now prepared to see her man!

When Michael arrived his excitement was overflowing:)

The first look. Brides and grooms-to-be, I highly recommend this on your wedding day!

He was one happy guy:)

Because Michael and Wendy chose to se each other before the ceremony we had plenty of time to get portraits taken which made it relaxed and fun.

Fun story here:) Wendy saw this driveway while driving from the ceremony site and really wanted to use it for some pictures. Once I saw it I agreed that it was a must so I went and had a little chat with the owner of the property. I think the guy was a little confused and surprised that we wanted to take wedding pictures on his driveway but he agreed to it all the same:) I think they turned out lovely and I am so glad for Wendy's eye and the owners kindness!

You two rocked this shot:)

This just about made my day so I had to share:)

They were so sweet.

I know that I showed this shot in the sneak peek but I love it so much that I had to put it up again!

Wendy's nephews looked adorably dapper.

The wedding party was all smiles!

Loved the bridesmaid's bouquet agains her black dress, so chic.

The ceremony took place after sunset which made for a very romantic setting along with the beautiful black and white decor and candlelight that filled the darkness.

So many sweet moments during this day and here is one to end on. So happy for you both and I wish you the best!

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  1. What beautiful pictures of some very BEAUTIFUL people. I love them all and cant wait to see more.GREAT JOB!!!!