Thursday, December 2, 2010

Steven and Jamie - The Wedding

I must say that it was a breeze photographing a wedding when the temperature is not 100 or above:) It was a lovely cool day and oh how thankful I was for this winter break of sorts! Everything went just as smooth as can be; the bride and her girls were able to enjoy themselves as they prepared for the ceremony and the groom and his boys arrived on time to put on their ties:) It was a beautiful setting, a beautiful day, and a beautiful thing this wedding! (yes, I will be saying beautiful many times during this post as a description:)

This little plaque was placed on the salon wall, I believe, JUST for a bride as she prepares for her big day:)

Jamie definitely took that advice to heart, she was all smiles the entire time!

This was my first time shooting a wedding at the Antique Wedding House (I have driven by it many many times wishing for a better view!) and it was so cute!

The flowers were there waiting for us and that made me very happy!

Jamie made a beautiful bride.

As the girls finished up a few last touches...

The groom arrived.

With his peeps:)

AND the ring-bearer/dog.

Love his expression as he sees his bride for the first time.

The ring-bearer/dog could not have done a better job! He kinda stole the show for a few moments:)

And before you knew it they were married!

We were able to take advantage of our nearby surroundings. Any guesses as to this location:)

I can not seem to remember what was so funny BUT I am glad for it!

Thanks City of Mesa Fire Station No. 201:)

Love these next two shots! This is totally what I hope for (from the guys in the back:) when I ask them to do this!

Congrats newlyweds! I hope your first holiday season as husband and wife is unforgettable!

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