Sunday, December 26, 2010

Xarold + Mireille = Engaged!

These two will be getting married in less than two weeks, yeah that's right! We met up for this shoot at the Arboretum in Superior (which is my husband's favorite location in Arizona by the way and yes we are members:) and it was absolutely beautiful! When I saw these two I was thrilled with their choice of attire and could hardly wait to get things started!

That tree along with the light was absolutely amazing!

Great work, Xarold, what a beauty!

These two didn't crack a smile, not one. I was very impressed:)

I can't wait to see Mireille as a bride and thankfully I do not have to wait long! I am sure Xarold feels the same way:)

You two are so sweet and adorable, glad we get to do this again here soon!

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